Safe Gas Line Installation in Effingham, IL

Natural gas is an efficient way to power appliances on your property. However, not everyone is qualified to provide a safe gas line installation service. At Mathy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we reckon that installing gas lines is not a DIY job; there is a lot of room for error and injury. That’s why you should leave the job in the hands of our certified and trained professionals. A gas leak is no joke, and it can be fatal. Prevent accidents in your home or business by getting in touch with a knowledgeable team.

Install a Gas Line for Your New Appliances

We use the safest techniques

Our certified and trained professionals know when to use traditional or flexible gas lines. We ensure that the results of our installation or repair services meet all the safety requirements and regulations.

At Mathy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we also provide the following services:

  • Gas Furnace Installation
  • Gas Leak Repair
  • Natural Gas Line Installation
  • Propane Gas Line Installation

Choosing a Licensed Contractor is the Safest Option!

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Keep your property and your loved ones away from harm by hiring licensed professionals for your next gas line installation. We ensure to follow all the regulations so that you don’t have to worry about leaks. At Mathy Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we provide long-lasting and efficient solutions to all of your needs in Effingham, IL. Call us today at (217) 690-8020.


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